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A curation operation melding art + alchemy, est. 2017 at the cross street of comics + chaos.

"Defiant, rebellious, disobedient & utterly badass.” —

People in comics are throwing around the word “curator” a lot. Blame me: I started a trend – and unless you really know your shit, it’s as ambiguous as the term “editor”. So in an effort to make the distinction between glorified paper pusher and Master Control, we need to start with urban planning. To paraphrase by definition it’s “…the design and regulation of the uses of space that focus on the physical form, economic functions, and social impacts of the urban environment and on the location of different activities within it.”

The Brief: To create an unprecedented environment wherein characters (the story kind and the creative types who enable them) commingle, corrupt and -this is important – correlate to individual comic book series under the BLACK CROWN imprimatur.

For example, the good things in life revolve around food and drink (cue personal soundtrack). Therefore, THE BLACK CROWN PUB makes an obvious anchor. Located at the cross street between Canon and Great Yarn, you’re just as likely to catch an impromptu CUD gig (see The BCQ) as you are to share a frothy pint with the ghost of Sid from PUNKS NOT DEAD. (Don’t ask, you always pay for it…)

Speaking of PND, its specific link to Canon Street involves “Electric Trash,” a retro/vintage boutique where Julie Ferguson, Fergie’s mom, worked in 198?. This may or may not be where Julie and Fergie’s absent father corrupted, commingled, and consummated. It’s definitely not a sartorial destination for Dorothy Culpepper, MI-5’s fearless leader of The Department of Extra-Usual Affairs. This brash, champagne-swilling old mod bird breaks into a rash just thinking about anything other than her own original couture. She wouldn’t be caught dead or alive here.

“Because urban planning draws upon engineering, architectural, and social and political concerns, it is variously a technical profession, an endeavor involving political will and public participation, and an academic discipline.”

“The Suites” hotel is a sanctuary for Kid of KID LOBOTOMY fame, the youngest descendent of a dysfunctional family of hoteliers. A former rockstar/current manager (or madman), Kid has an unhealthy appetite for existential fiction, shapeshifting chambermaids, and performing lobotomies with his own special ray gun. But he means well. Absurdist comedy in times of great societal and political upheaval? Check in: anytime. Check out: The twelfth of never.

Our ASSASSINSTAS know the secret knock to get into Winnie’s Roller Rink back in the day and when duffel bags held skates with glittery laces and silver bullets for AK-47s. Although the trio has evolved, these badass bounty hunters still mean business when it comes to eradicating the world of CEOs who demoralize women, abetting sexual discrimination, injustices and inequality at all costs. Cracking skulls in your honor and proud supporters of #metoo.

No small feat, the communal landscape at large is clearly a labor of love. Immerse yourself accordingly. Additional real estate is under construction so check out our weekly happy hour updates every Friday at 4:00 PST/Midnight UTC. Beware naysayers and barefoot rockstars wielding harps and ray guns with equal vigor…unless you like that sort of thing.

BLACK CROWN: How it’s done.

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