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Where were you in March 2020?

Assembled in under 3 months during a global pandemic, INSIDER ART is a who’s who of 150 female, non-binary and marginalized comic book artists, writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers, and editors. 

Originally crafted to raise money for female & nonbinary retailers who were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, INSIDER ART is proof of what fearless, like-minded, and empowered humans can achieve when they unite for the greater good.

272 pages of all ages entertainment!

Chock-full of comics, single illustration and prose, games, crafts and cats, INSIDER ART is more than a celebration of storytelling as an art form — it’s a tribute to the art of community and collaboration.


"...a joyous celebration of graphic narrative in a multiplicity of forms...INSIDER ART could be considered one of the key releases of 2020."   —Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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