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See the Bonds guest on the WORDBALLOON YouTube channel for a valentine special '80s music quiz. Witness the state of our "bwains" after a year of being locked down in the OFFREGISTER HQ / distribution center. See blood, sweat and beers and the threat of vinyl destruction, and see if you can work out who won the quiz.

This week sees the launches of two Kickstarter campaigns: Shelly's HEAVY ROTATION is already fully funded after starting Monday morning, and Philip's INK Vol.2 starts midday Tuesday. HEAVY ROTATION is a 48-page one-off comic book celebrating college radio in the 80's. INK Vol.2 continues the series of 12-inch sized reproductions of Philip's Instagram drawings.

Look, it's not a competition or anything, but the staff at OFF REGISTER HQ have been fixing for a face-off like this for a long time. Choose your fighter and back their project. Or back them both!

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