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FAST TIMES digital edition

FAST TIMES digital edition


FAST TIMES IN COMIC BOOK EDITING is a graphic memoir that exposes my part in the '90s VERTIGO Comics Revolution. I was an editorial ingenue working my way up the corporate ladder at DC Comics editing THE SANDMAN, THE INVISIBLES, Paul Pope's HEAVY LIQUID and other seminal titles at an exciting cultural precipice. In a two year period, the death of Superman, the rise of creator-owned comics via Image, Milestone Media, and Karen Berger's VERTIGO imprint forever changed the face of pop culture.

Told through a series of short comics, photo montage timelines, and experimental art, FAST TIMES is also a love letter to New York City in the '90s. I gave my sweat and service to making comics by day, but weekends were devoted to urban exploration in the Lower East Side. I'd end up at St. Mark's Comics on Saturday nights at midnight  to go through the racks and dusty stacks in seach of new artists and writers who could help me change the world—one comic book panel at a time.

Guest creatives Neil Gaiman, J.M. DeMatteis, Paul Pope, Michael Allred, Steven T. Seagle, Mike Carey, and Peter Gross provide brief encounters of what it was like working for VERTIGO in its '90s heyday while artists Imogen Mangle, Tess Fowler, Chris Weston, Philip Bond, and many more punctuate the colorful pages. 

176 pages, 6.75" X 10.25", in full color.

This edition was released in May 2023 and made possible by thousands of Kickstarter backers.

  • Technicals

    FAST TIMES IN COMIC BOOK EDITING Digital is supplied as a 176 page, 75MB PDF file. You will be emailed a link to download and read on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Please note that the download link expires after 30 days but the PDF is yours forever. 

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