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Geezer #2

Geezer #2


Albuquerque, 1994. While on tour in the USA, wannabe Britpop star Martin Bland has lost his band, the titular GEEZER. Cue "how did I get here" record scratch and a debauched romp from Camden to Vegas.

Written by William Potter. Arted by Philip Bond. 7-inch square comic book, 40 BW pages with colour cover.

Please note Geezer #2 comes in two regional variants - the UK and US versions.

The Off Register Press store carries the US variant of Geezer and ships from California, Readers in the UK and Europe might want to avoid shipping costs by ordering the UK variant from the Geezer Big Cartel store. (they also carry t-shirts!)

Other than the slight colour changes on the cover (to "appeal to a less sophisticated audience"), there are very few differences between the UK and US versions. Perhaps something for the collector hint hint.

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