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HEY, AMATEUR! Hardcover book

HEY, AMATEUR! Hardcover book



Top-notch writers and artists share hidden talents from the practical to the peculiar in a collection of 1-page, 9-panel comics. 

Each story is part personal “how-to,” part “how-so.” Learn new skills or hone the ones you’ve got from “How to” draw likenesses, break the internet, create a talisman (& then destroy it), talk to a celebrity, concoct horror makeup from home, survive a bear attack (probably) and more! Some of the 1-pagers illuminate aspects of the comic book storytelling process like writing, drawing, lettering, coloring and editing. 


Featuring an introduction by Kelly Sue DeConnick with an illustration by Becky Cloonan and contributions by Gail Simone, Paul Pope, Simon Bisley, Sanford Greene among others. Cover by Michael and Laura Allred.

This is the original Kickstarter exclusive hardcover edition of HEY, AMATEUR! and includes a signed bookplate and vinyl stickers.


144 full color pages.

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