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Suddelnly One Summer Camp From Hell #1: 1971-1974  Digital

Suddelnly One Summer Camp From Hell #1: 1971-1974 Digital


When you’re a little kid in suburbia, the school year goes on and on and on and then…SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER CAMP FROM HELL #1: 1971-1974. A series of summer camp vignettes so ridiculous...they MUST be true. Relive the halcyon days of decades past when times were simpler, but environments and social structures still required deft maneuvering. SCARY SLEEPOVERS! SHARP OBJECTS! And the answer to the 20th century's oft asked question: How many bugs does it take to make a giant jug of bug juice?  “I’ve always wanted to capture my summer camp adventures from the ‘70s and ‘80s in comics," BOND said, “from accident-prone, allergy-inflicted kid explorer, to bullied teenager, and full circle as a new wave camp counselor. And there’s no one better equipped to illlustrate these unbelievable antics than bug, frog, and nature enthusiast LIZ PRINCE." Born in December 1981, PRINCE added, “If I wasn’t drawing the book, I’d say 'SIGN ME UP!'” 

Each issue of the series includes an arts ‘n’ crafts "how-to" page, and original camp artifacts/letters and photos.

32 pages. Black and White with a color cover. 6X9. All Ages! 29.6MB

  • technicals

    Geezer #1 Digital is supplied as a 40 page, 55MB PDF file. You will be emailed a link to download and read on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Please note that the download link expires after 30 days but the PDF is yours forever. 

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