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Colliding with the famous, or face down on the pavement, wannabe Britpop star Martin Bland and Geezer, his loyal band of underachievers, struggle against the odds in this comic-book tale of the also-ran.

Geezer parallels the ups and downs of the early ‘90s British music scene, dips into real events with pathos and playfulness.

Written by William Potter and drawn by Philip Bond


Shelly Bond and Liz Prince (Tomboy, Science Comics: Frogs, Eve Stranger) present SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER CAMP FROM HELL #1: 1971-1974, a miniseries chockful of retro hijinks for all ages! Issue #1 is crowdfunding for the next fifteen days and will be shipped to you by the end of the year.

Adventures in Comic Book Editing start here! Shelly Bond creates and funds original comics anthologies via Kickstarter from conception and editorial/curation to creative direction, editing, design, assembly, fulfillment, and promotion.

No serial comma, plot thread, or freelancer left dangling or disrespected. Serial killers are another story (see heart & record thieves in true crime).

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