NEWS! Black Crown's amnesiac-for-hire EVE STRANGER has been optioned for development by BBC Drama!

"...all kinds of stylish ...reads like a lightning bolt of pure fun to the face. 10/10." 

--Comics Bookcase


A boutique curation operation melding art & alchemy, opulence & chaos. An imaginary high street cityscape centered around the Black Crown pub, where characters commingle and corrupt. AKA IDW Publishing's Indie Record label from 2017-2019. 10 creator-owned trade paperbacks! Expert assembly of A-list talents and neophytes to elevate comics as an art form. 


"Defiant, rebellious, disobedient, and utterly badass." --Geek.com                                     



Adventures in Comic Book Editing start here! Shelly Bond creates and funds original comics anthologies via Kickstarter from conception and editorial/curation to creative direction, editing, design, assembly, fulfillment, and promotion.

No serial comma, plot thread, or freelancer left dangling or disrespected. Serial killers are another story (see heart & record thieves in true crime).