Offset Printing Machine

Philip Bond's premier black and white print selections, packaged in an exclusive 12" record jacket.

Volume 1 funded and shipped through Kickstarter at the end of 2020 and Volume 2 is in production after successfully funding.


A boutique curation operation melding art & alchemy, opulence & chaos. An imaginary high street cityscape centered around the Black Crown pub, where characters commingle and corrupt. AKA IDW Publishing's Indie Record label from 2017-2019. 10 creator-owned trade paperbacks! Expert assembly of A-list talents and neophytes to elevate comics as an art form. 


"Defiant, rebellious, disobedient, and utterly badass."                                     



Adventures in Comic Book Editing start here! Shelly Bond creates and funds original comics anthologies via Kickstarter from conception and editorial/curation to creative direction, editing, design, assembly, fulfillment, and promotion.

No serial comma, plot thread, or freelancer left dangling or disrespected. Serial killers are another story (see heart & record thieves in true crime).