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Q: I'm not sure I want to edit comic books.  What’s in it for me?


A: Nothing! While the F&G 101 class focused on theory and process to demystify the role of the comic book editor, it was an introductory class. There was no experience required, and I encouraged anyone, from working professional, to future art student, to curious reader to sign up for 101.

F&G 102 is not for the casual observer. It's a hands-on deconstruction of scripts, art and talent management. There will be lots of red ink to observe but mostly for you to throw around. And homework, roughly 2-3 hours depending on your skillset. It's geared for self-publishers and editors working with small teams, but the general method and madness applies to working with scores of freelancers.

Q: How big is the class size, and will I get one-on-one attention?


A: We're going micro with the 4-week, 102 course, and I'll allow up to 20 participants. There will be time during each Saturday class to answer questions, but I'm also providing an optional hour for Q&As on Sundays to devote extra attention to specific editing queries including practice on extra credit scripts, ballooning, art directing, or general Q&A. That's the time to hurl the really tough questions that you've always wanted to ask but never had an editor's ear. 

Q: What can I expect of a typical 2-hour lecture class on the Saturday?

A: During the 4-week course, we will deconstruct, analyze and edit two one-page comics, two 5-6 page comics, and one 10-12 page comic.

Every week we begin with a 5-minute creative prompt to get into the editing headspace.

Then we'll Edit/Analyze:

One Sheets, Outlines, Sell copy, Schedules, Scripts, Beat Sheets, Ballooning Roughs for Lettering Placement, Penciling, Inking, Lettering, Coloring, Proofreading, Pre-Press and Production tips for final approval at the printer.

You'll finish the course with a handbook that you can reuse as a guide for future editing gigs, or to remake/remodel as you wish.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to class?


A: Yes. The list of supplies includes:

  • Red pens

  • A favorite black ink pen or marker

  • Stapler

  • Unlined notebook

  • Lined notebook

  • One dozen 3 X 5 index cards

  • Access to a printer to print out the 108-page workbook and sample scripts

  • An open mind and a strong disposition

  • Chicken egg timer (Optional) 

​Q: Why is the class called “Filth & Grammar?”


A:  I came up with the title as a play on "Filth & Glamour," because comic book editing is a messy business. And “Search & Destroy (Tangents)” was already taken. Red pens are mandatory because editors reserve the right to throw ink at their creative talents, get their hands dirty, and slice-and-dice at every single stage of making comics. It's not over until the book is at the printer and someone yells, "Roll Press!” Kidding/Not Kidding.

Q: I’m 38 and I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up. Is Comic Book Editing easy?


A: Like any job, it’s what you make of it. I wouldn’t call herding cats and juggling multiple plates and fire batons easy, but it’s extremely gratifying. In terms of a career path, it’s only recommended for the fearless. The 101 class introduced you to the many stages of making comics, from idea to great idea, hiring teams, editing scripts, art directing roughs, pencils, inks, lettering, coloring and cover art/logo design. The 102 class pushes you off the diving board. You will slice and dice, get red ink on your hands, and learn many tricks of the trade that I'm excited to share from over three decades on the job.

Q: I want to take the class, but I've booked a vacation during the second week of March. Do you have makeup classes available?


A: There are no makeup classes and attending each live class is strongly encouraged. If you can be available by Zoom from your vacation location, and it's at a reasonable hour to coordinate with my PST time zone, please be there. However, I’ll be recording all the classes and Q&A sessions so they'll be available via a link to the F&G (Secret) Landing Page. Access will be available for 60 days.  And I'll continue to drop interviews with comics legends and newcomers as a bonus throughout the month of February.

Q: It's $500 bucks. What else is in it for me?


A: Glad you asked. After the classes, during the month of March, I'll meet with each student for a one-on-one, 30-minute Zoom chat at your convenience. You can use that time to ask specific questions about editing, or get a second opinion on a script dilemma, or quick feedback on a personal project. However, I am not taking on any freelance assignments for the foreseeable future, so please don't expect me to hire you, or vice versa. Teaching is my new obsession, so keep that in mind, and we'll get along just fine.

Q: If I take the class, will you read my pitch and be my editor?


A: Sorry, but like I just said, I cannot read or accept any submissions during the class, and OFF REGISTER PRESS is not a standard indie publishing operation. It's a two-person crew, a boutique comix & arts lab for the personal work of the House of Bond. The purpose of my F&G Zoom classes is to pay it forward for the next generation of editors and storytellers with intent. AKA Give them the opportunity to learn a bunch of rules, so they can break them. Viva Comix!

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