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FILTH & GRAMMAR - The Zoom Class

  • Available Online

    The Comic Book Editor's (Secret) Zoom Class


    250 US dollars

4 SATURDAYS in February**
10:00AM - Noon PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)


Optional SUNDAYS - Q&As
11:00AM - Noon PDT

$250 covers all 4 sessions plus Q&As. 



This class is designed for writers, artists, letterers, colorists, and editors who want to expand their knowledge of comics as an art form and level up!

CLASS 1 – Art & Alchemy!  
The Process and Stages from Abstract Idea to Amazing Artifact. 
Deconstruction: The Comic Book Editor as a Mechanic. 
Good v. Great Comics is as easy as Yes, No, Wow! 


CLASS 2 – Method & Madness!
Making Comics for Fun and Profit. Assembling great teams who always bring their A-game, AND deliver on time. Writing Emphasis: Pitch/Proposal, Characters, Story Beats, Solicitation, and Ads.


CLASS 3 – Troubleshoot like a Triage Surgeon! 
What could possibly go wrong? We walk through each stage of making comics, and proffer ideas on how to pivot and stay sane while juggling delicate plates and fire batons. 
Art Direction Emphasis: This includes lettering and ballooning.


CLASS 4 – Survival of the Selective.

Self-publishing and creating your own editorial brand. Portfolio mistakes that everyone makes, breaking in and staying relevant in comics. Emphasis on future comics revolutions.

Each week, Shelly will teach the live, interactive class. A technical support person will be on hand to assist with any connection difficulties during each recorded session.


**In case you miss a class, all F&G sessions will be recorded and sent to you via a link the day following each session. You'll have 60 days to view the recorded class, and we kindly ask you not to share the link since you've paid for the classes.

SHELLY BOND has been driven to edit + curate comic books, crush deadlines and innovate for over a quarter century including a 22-year stint at DC Comics’ VERTIGO imprint working with Neil Gaiman (The Sandman), Grant Morrison (The Invisibles), and other luminaries and neophytes.  Since 2017, Shelly has been publishing with her husband, artist Philip Bond, as BLACK CROWN, and now OFF REGISTER.PRESS, a Comics & Design Lab. Her collective Kickstarters have produced thousands of exquisite hardcovers, softcovers, and 7"comic singles, and raised over $250,000. 


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