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FILTH & GRAMMAR 102 - The Zoom Class

4 SATURDAYS in February**
10:00AM - Noon PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)


Optional SUNDAYS - Q&As
11:00AM - Noon PDT

$500 covers all 4 sessions plus Q&As and a 30-minute, one-on-one Zoom chat with Shelly in March to be scheduled at your convenience.



This live class is designed for serious students of the craft of comics editing. 

If you missed the F&G 101 classes but feel you're qualified to enroll in the 102 because you're a working editor, have comics industry experience, or have a special situation (relatives of Shelly Bond are not eligible, sorry, Dad.) please email Shelly directly at

Learn the process, tips, and tricks of the trade from an editor who's thrown red ink onto 25,000+ comic book and original graphic novel pages for companies large and small. 

Also included as part of this course: A 30-minute one-on-one Zoom chat with Shelly AFTER the class in March at a time that's convenient for you.
FREE digital copy of Filth & Grammar: The Comic Book Editor's (Secret) Handbook and access to organizational handouts in PDF form and a PDF workbook that you print out for class. 
NOTE: Homework (generally 2-4 hours per week depending on your speed/skillset) and class participation is required. 

Each week, Shelly will teach the live, interactive class. Fan-favorite F&G 101 Teaching Assistant Cicely Blackwell is back as your support person to wrangle resources and assist on connection or class difficulties.  

Theory is the groundwork. Now you're ready for application. This eagerly anticipated live online course will build on the comics editing tenets of F&G 101 with hands-on experience. Edit outlines and scripts, learn ballooning, art direct roughs, lettering, pencils, inks and color, write sales copy, make a bookmap and a dummy book, brush up on your grammar and proofreading skills and explore new ways to manage complicated, creative people without losing your marbles. 

Class 1 – Getting Organized & First Marks/Pen on Page

Concentrating on the syllabus and editing ideas and scripts.

Deconstruction: The Comic Book Editor as a Mechanic 
We break down a 1-page comic, and a 5-6 page comic from idea to execution--from pitch to outline to script to roughs and ballooning, to pencilling, lettering, inking, coloring, writing sell copy, proofreading, and digital approval for print.

What could possibly go wrong?


Class 2 – Roughs in Sequence

Concentrating on editing ballooning, lettering, and pencilling

Deconstruction: The Comic Book Editor as a Scientist

We break down a different 1-page comic, and a different 5-6 page and focus on roughs and ballooning,  lettering, pencilling.

5 things that go wrong.

Class 3 – Design and Definition

Concentrating on editing inks and colors

Deconstruction: The Comic Book Editor as a Paramedic

We break down a different 1-page comic, and a 5-6 page comic and focus on inking, coloring, and proofreading.

5 additional things that go wrong.


Class 4 – The Final Countdown

Concentrating on editing the cover, logo design, back matter, approval for print

Deconstruction: The Comic Book Editor as a Showrunner

We break down one 10-12 page comic and focus on writing sell copy, proofreading, and digital approval for print.

5 additional things that go wrong, and lots of things that go right.


**In case you miss a class, all F&G sessions will be recorded and sent to you via a link the evening after each session. You'll have 60 days to view the recorded classes, and we kindly ask you not to share the link since you've paid for the classes.

SHELLY BOND has been driven to edit + curate comic books, crush deadlines and innovate for over a quarter century including a 22-year stint at DC Comics’ VERTIGO imprint working with Neil Gaiman (The Sandman), Grant Morrison (The Invisibles), and other luminaries and neophytes.  Since 2017, Shelly has been publishing with her husband, artist Philip Bond, as BLACK CROWN, and now OFF REGISTER.PRESS, a Comics & Design Lab. Her collective Kickstarters have produced thousands of exquisite hardcovers, softcovers, and 7"comic singles, and raised over $275,000.  Her latest original graphic memoir, FAST TIMES IN COMIC BOOK EDITING, received rave reviews from her mom and dad.


Additional questions? See the FAQ!

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